Girls Only Weekend Camp

Weekend for Girls to glide, cruise, and relish outdoor fun

This camp is a unique one, it is our special weekend edition, the first longboard camp created only for the girls.

We truly believe that we are here not for competing and conquering with each other, we are here for support, help and mainly sisterhood.


No competition, no hate, no backhanded judgements.

In this camp we want to give every girl only “ I support you, i love you, there is no one in the Universe like you” kind of energy.


We will have 3 wonderful days (2 nights) full of smiles, skating, delicious food, deep talks and the feeling of community.

This camp is ideal if you want to try longboarding and at the same time share your emotions with like-minded people.

Regardless of your longboarding experience, level and age you are welcome to join our camp and feel this girl’s energy, support, care and unity.

The limit to the number of participants in this camp is         15 spots. 


  • Group classes Longboarddancing (maximum 5 per Trainer)
  • Set up training workshop
  • 1 x 1 h Dance classes (Hip-Hop, Modern, Expressions Dance)
  • 1 x 1 h Yoga classes
  • 1 x Video shooting
  • Hippie- Jump training 1x 2h
  • Daily catering with Kurdish homemade cuisine

What is included

  • 3 days (2nights) full of adventure beyond longboard dancing
  • 2 breakfasts, 1 brunch
  • 3 dinners 
  • Daily veggie Kurdish cuisine
  • Each member gets a small  longboard photo/video shooting
  • Unlimited free ride with CARLO Longboards