What is the Longboard Summer Academy?

Longboard Summer Academy is a unique program created by our founder Jikal Hassan for anyone who would like to learn longboarding, regardless of their age and level. Every year we gather people from all over the world, introduce this relatively young but amazing kind of sport to them, unite the community, have fun and skate together. We invite the best professional trainers and provide you with high quality equipment so the beginners are able to learn the basics and land their first tricks where the advanced riders would only bring their techniques to a completely new level.

We want people to push their boundaries. To experience and explore a world of possibilities beyond the ordinary. Join the longboarding community and let’s share the joy of dancing on our boards. Let’s show the world that you can cope up with any anxiety or stress in a productive and fun way, no matter what skill level or background. Nothing is holding you back. Let’s dance!